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Die for it

Dinu Lazăr

Duminică, 20/07/2008 - 08:05
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Die for it

Photography is taking an image from your mind and fixing it in tangible form. These images may be real or imagined, and the tangible form is usually a printed photo.

Anything that comes between your imagination and the final result needs to get out of the way. Cameras, lenses, HDR, profiles, focus, sharpness, pixels, etc. are all crap. They have nothing to do with photography. They just get in the way. When you master technique you can see straight from your imagination to the finished work. Then you are free to create great images.

Follow your own imagination and vision to create great images. Show what excites you. Show what consumes you. Show what makes your life worth living. Show what you love. Show what you hate. Show what's important - to you.

Don't follow the crowd and make the same technically perfect, but completely forgettable, images. Show what you care about. Let your work consume you. Let it drive every aspect of what you do. Live for it. Share it. Die for it.
Ken Rockwell

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