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If I was only close to an ocean

Dinu Lazăr

Sâmbătă, 05/01/2008 - 01:06
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Don't let your creative juices be stymied by lame excuses like "If I only lived in Yosemite," "If I only could take vacation in the sandstone slot canyons of the American Southwest," and "If I was only close to an ocean."
Big deal. If you did all you'd probably do is make more of the same clichéed photos we've already seen.
Great photos happen anyplace a skilled photographer happens to be.
Please don't anyone get ticked off; when I say "crappy" I'm talking about locations from which people write me whining about the perceived lack of photographic opportunities. Everyone in my family lives in a photographically crappy location.
Even if you live in Flint, Michigan or smoggy Japan or Igloolik, Canada in the dark of winter you can make great photos if you just open your eyes. Opening your eyes is required for photography regardless of where you are. Closed eyes in even the loveliest of places still lead to dull photos. Open eyes even in the crappiest of locations leads to brilliant work.
Ken Rockwell

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