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Zona Membri


laura iancu

Joi, 30/08/2007 - 00:40
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" Every midnight we sit at the coffee table and we share a cup of tea
He stays up with me and we discuss things
Most of the time he just listens
Other times offers suggestions or he just ignores my questions
It gets more depressing as time passes, because every night
I ask this one question and all he does is wipe his glasses
It's aggrevating as hell and I'm just waiting to tell
whether or not he can even remember the answer..
Or whether or not he's choosing not to tamper with his memory..
Or whether or not he can even xxxxxxx remember me.
What a waste of time
But every night it's that same damn routine:
One green cup of tea and me stuck all by myself once its empty
Then I'm off to bed with plenty of caffiene to keep me up and thinking
The cup I'm drinking from is never clean
I can't remember if it's a dream once I awake and I walk..
From my messy bed and anticipate the next late night talk."

Sage Francis



ce imagine frumoasa! si poezia.

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