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fish and candy

laura iancu

Sâmbătă, 18/08/2007 - 00:47
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fish and candy

florina : Sue Elen, bobby, miss ewing, pamela, all the pieces of the puzzles come into my mind
florina : like in a Proust novel
laura: like sunshine reflected on your glass coffe cup
florina : exactly, like filtered beams of sun coming through the window
florina : like the power of knowledge and spiritual enlightmenet in one jucy sip
ivan : ok, hold on while I put on my tunic
laura : :))"))
rogue_etc : :))
rogue_etc : your scotland robe
ivan : with a pink tutu
laura: red and ripe?
florina : and a stylish avantagarde bagpipe
laura : and cowbell
ivan : how about fish and candy?

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