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Zona Membri

stay away from

Dinu Lazăr

Sâmbătă, 09/06/2007 - 15:46
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In photography, if you have purpose and an intent, you can allow yourself to be beset by gargantuan problems during the taking of pictures. These problems must be worked out in advance, and if you're not sure you've licked them before you start you stay away from them until you've mastered them by experiment before you attempt to make a picture. I do not mean that every minutiae should be rehearsed in advance, for if the taking became a purely mechanical routine, all spontaneity would be lost and the result could only be lifeless and dull....Most of the stories of "tough" assignments, though they make good stories, don't seem to be conductive to good photography. -Ralph Bartholomew Jr., "Retail Fictions : The Commercial Photography of Ralph Bartholomew Jr." by Tim B. Wride, Ralph Bartholomew (Photographer),

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